Just like with your car, a solar PV system needs regular maintenance. Solis Partners offers a variety of maintenance programs to keep your solar system performing safely and generating the maximum electricity.

Our maintenance programs are custom designed for each solar array and include all or some of the following:

Real-time monitoring from our operations center
With a Solis Partners maintenance program, we’ll watch over your system from our offices so that you can watch over your business. Our sophisticated tools enable us to see all the key parts of the system and troubleshoot and identify any problems that may occur.

Preventative maintenance inspections
Solis Partners recommends annual maintenance inspections of all solar arrays, more frequent in certain environments. Our inspections, coupled with real-time monitoring, ensure your system keeps operating at peak performance at all times.

Dispatch and remedial maintenance
From time to time, issues will arise. The trained, experienced team from Solis Partners will fix them to get your system back up and running.

Management of warranties
A solar array is comprised of a number of components, each with a warranty from its manufacturer. Solis Partners will assist in coordinating the various warranties so that you don’t have to. This is part of every Solis Partners maintenance program.

Whether Solis Partners originally installed your system or some other company did, we’re happy to maintain your system.

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