Project Highlights
Location Location

Carlstadt, NJ

Project Size Project Size

99 Amor 310.59 kW
111 Amor 446.25 kW

Estimated Annual Electricity Annual Solar Electricity

99 Amor 399,001 kWh/yr.
111 Amor 480,476 kWh/yr.

Est Lifetime CO2 Reduction Annual CO2 Reduction

99 Amor 606,481 lbs. CO2/yr.
111 Amor 730,323 lbs. CO2/yr.

Pictorial Offset Corporation, a leader in printing since 1938, came to Solis Partners for clean and cheaper energy. Threading the rigorous permitting process of New Jersey Meadowlands Commission regulations proved no obstacle for Solis Partners when it came to designing and building Pictorial Offset’s dual rooftop PV systems in Carlstadt. After Hurricane Sandy piled six feet of water on computers, furniture, and manufacturing equipment all over this low-lying neighborhood, Pictorial Offset’s raised solar inverters and switchgear stood dry above the waterline thanks to Solis Partners’ foresight and superior system design. The system was back online ready to resume producing solar power long before the local utility completed its repairs.

“Pictorial Offset’s commitment to environmental stewardship is one of our principal business objectives. We have incorporated what are now considered ‘green’ business practices since the 1980’s. As an environmental leader in the printing industry, installing solar was an affirmation of our commitment to sustainable operations that will positively impact our bottom line for years to come.”

Donald Samuels  Managing Partner