Project Highlights
Location Location

Dayton, NJ

Project Size Project Size

1818 kW

Estimated Annual Electricity Annual Solar Electricity

2,089,436 kWh/yr.

Est Lifetime CO2 Reduction Annual CO2 Reduction

3,175,943 lbs. CO2/yr.

Freeze, whose motto is “Clothes for Cool People,” prints and distributes apparel for some of the nation’s largest retailers. The 270,000 square foot roof over its bustling printing facility in Dayton, NJ, was begging to be put to productive use beyond keeping out the rain. Powering the screen-printing machines from homemade solar electricity was the obvious answer. Producing over 2 million kWh of clean solar power each year, the PV system designed, installed, and maintained by Solis Partners, makes Freeze even “cooler.”

“The solar panels installed will allow us to increase our net operating income and at the same time meet our sustainability goals. Our commitment to renewable energy solutions will help ensure a cleaner environment, while saving our customers money.”

Charlie Tebele  CEO of Freeze